MC Beauty Lounge

MC Beauty Lounge


One set is Rent including 

  • Portable bed 
  • Lamp 
  • Trolley 
  • Stool
  • Extensions 

Renting price per day 400 dh.

For booking the sets contact us

Hire our Beauty Bed with Lamp service to turn your area into a serene and beautiful retreat. Our beauty bed and lamp combo are the ideal option for improving your appearance and well-being, regardless of whether you work as a professional esthetician or are just trying to uplift your self-care regimen.

Our Beauty Bed with Lamp features include:

Comfort and Versatility

Our beauty bed features luxurious padding and movable settings to allow for a range of treatment positions. It is made for the ultimate in comfort. The complementary lamp guarantees the best possible lighting for your skincare and cosmetic procedures.

Aesthetic Elegance

Our beauty bed and lamp's modern style lends sophistication to any area. With this chic addition, your home, spa, or salon will be elevated.

Lamp Intensity Adjustment

The lamp provides programmable lighting options to accommodate various treatments or moods. This lamp can provide bright, focused light for detailed work or soft, warm light for a soothing facial.

Simple Setup and Maintenance

Renting our beauty bed with lamp is simple. For your convenience, we offer simple setup instructions and our equipment is simple to maintain and clean.

Reasonably Priced Rental Options

We provide adjustable rental schedules to suit your requirements and spending limit. Selecting from daily, weekly, or monthly rentals makes it simple to identify the ideal option for you.


For anyone looking to treat themselves in style or for skincare professionals offering their clients the best treatments possible, renting a Beauty Bed with Lamp is the perfect option. With this wonderful combination, you can improve your beauty and wellness routine and create a calm environment.

Reach out to us right now to reserve your Beauty Bed with Lamp rental and take your self-care and beauty routine to the next level. Savor the elegance, comfort, and high quality that our equipment adds to your room.  

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